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Always original, always ahead

Amara Raja Power Systems Limited (ARPSL) is committed not only to high quality products and services but also promises a regular stream of innovative, customized and upgraded power electronic products into the market. Using the latest technology and some of the best engineering minds in the industry, ARPSL research projects comfortably fulfill changing market demands. The development of ARPSL power electronic products is for specialized requirements and uses complex technologies making it difficult for competitors to duplicate the products.

The ARPSL Research & Development Centre has played a key role in the stupendous success of this conglomerate. Starting from a small infrastructure facility of 10,000 sq ft, the research center was used to streamline product development in preparation for the markets every year. Today the Centre has grown to accommodate a well stocked library, conference areas, and spacious hi-tech labs for processing, research & development of complex delivery systems. Well-equipped and staffed areas for design, testing, and technological development offer added support.