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Power in excellence

Quality control and Quality assurance are the core factors of any successful product. What truly sets apart Amara Raja Power Systems Limited (ARPSL) from others is the belief that excellence is about consistent achievements. The ARPSL quality policies are designed not just to keep up with the promises made but also to challenge the organization with demands for constant improvement, innovation and real results. ARPSL is firmly committed to advancement of science and technology which clearly reflects in the company’s superior understanding of current power back-up requirements and solutions.

The ARPSL team of engineers and experts ensure that every product is developed in a controlled and supervised environment right from incoming raw material to finished goods. The infrastructure and procedures to support a stringent quality policy have been put in place. At the manufacturing site, the latest analytical instruments and tightly monitored quality assurance and quality control systems guarantee consistent quality.

All systems are clearly documented and are implemented by experts with a line of reporting that is independent of manufacturing. ARPSL is committed to ensure that every product that is manufactured and distributed meets with and conforms over its shelf life to internationally accepted standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety.