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Perfection in Performance, Production and Processing

Amara Raja Power Systems Limited (ARPSL) has a product range that boast of high performance, unique modular options and convenient intelligence that ensures minimum manual intervention. The stream-lined design of the sophisticated systems and operations at the ARPSL Manufacturing Facility ensures consistently exacting standard and quality of the products and services. The fully integrated ARPSL manufacturing unit has highly advance technology that is incorporated into plant and machinery to conform to stringent international standards.

Low Vendor Dependency; High Quality

The production process at ARPSL manufacturing unit is highly automated employing microprocessor based control systems to ensure adherence to process parameters. The high level of in-sourcing at ARPSL is a matter of great pride. Right from the oxide and the grids to containers, racks & connectors for the batteries and from transformers, printed circuit boards, cabinets and sub-systems are manufactured in-house. Thus, there is minimal vendor dependency and maximum consistency in product quality. The finished products are scrutinized carefully and put through rigorous quality tests to establish effective on-field performance.