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Power in absolute control

Our range of Protection Relay Panels, Control Panels and Control Desks provide optimum system solutions fulfilling the protection control requirements of Substations, generating plants, process industries, Telecommunication and Railway utilities. These are specially engineered and custom built to cater to the specific needs of the utilities and large industrial undertakings for medium and high voltage protection, control and monitoring applications.

Types of Panels

Protection & Relay Panels for 132kV to 765kV Substation with SAS
Substation Automation Panels for SCADA
Control Panels for 11kV to 765kV Substation without SAS
Relay Panels for 11kV to 765kV Substation without SAS
Combined Control & Relay Panels (up to 66kV)
Generator Control Panels
Fault Recorder Panels
Sequence Event Recorder Panels
Tariff Metering Panels
RTU Panels
Annunciator Panels
Mosaic Mimic Panels
Desk Type Control Panels
Synchronizing Panels
Tap Changer Control Panels
Marshalling Cabinets
Local Control Cubicle for GIS
Control Panels for Outdoor Circuit Breaker


Key Features:

Trip Isolating Links are mounted on front side for easy access. This makes testing application, isolation easier from front.
Terminal Blocks are facing (30°) inclination towards direction of access
Common “General Alarm” indication lamp available in the front door for Immediate identification of faults
Toughened Glass provided on Front Door. It provides IP protection for relays, etc., with easy viewing of Flags and Indications available in relays
Disconnecting Type Terminal Blocks are used for CT wiring along with short circuiting and earthing facilities

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