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Battery Swapping Station

Our swapping station offers the best on the go charging solution for 2 and 3 wheeler EV, with swapping time under 2 minutes. It provides smart and efficient charging which ensures good health and longer life of battery. Its touch screen, RFID authentication and digital payment provides hassle free operation.


Key Features:

  • Employed with Distribution, Control, Alarm, Monitoring and Communication arrangement.
  • Available Variants:
    • 20 Channel
    • 12 Channel
    • 8 Channel
    • 4 Channel
  • Battery slots are provided with rollers for smooth movement of Batteries (Rack in/Out).
  • Charging for battery ratings from 1.5kWHr to 3kWHr, with charging rates ranging from 0.5 to 2C.
  • Design robust for outdoor as well as indoor use.
  • Equipped with backup power lasts up to one to two hour.